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Often there is little left to be undone by the time it unfolds that website SEO guru is selling you out. So how do you deduce if your website SEO is bearing out its true worth? Whether or not the SEO guru Services promised from point one are actually being carried out for real, and in the best possible manner?

The only way possible to ascertain whether or not you are being handed a raw deal is acquiring some basic SEO knowledge. To begin with, SEO experts or SEO consultancies will most certainly start off a SEO Campaign with—keyword research.

SEO Keyword Research
This is the foundation to any SEO campaign. Keywords are the basic search elements in Search Engine Optimization. For example, let’s assume you are scouting Google for ‘cheap website development India’ and ‘affordable SEO services India’ in two independently executed searches.

In this case, the two search phrases will be registered as keywords. Keywords are hence the only direct link, and by this virtue, the key user-search engine connectors.

The problem with SEO Keyword Research is that there is an awful lot of misinformation floating around, meaning that the user is left with a grossly manipulated perspective as to what the SEO Keyword Research process involves and requires of them.

The novice webmaster ends up relying on second hand information which cannot be verified and they accept that information without question or doubt. The end result is that the webmaster uses keywords that are not as efficient or cost effective as they could or should be and so the webmaster is forever handicapped from point one.

Another fallacy that the novice website owner will often fall prey to is that they automatically assume that the top tier keywords are the best and will be most likely to generate the greatest amount of traffic simply by virtue of the fact that they are so costly.


Keyword research touches SEO guru services at its grass roots and the ugly truth is that it happens to be the SEO element most SEO guru companies can play with. Linkbuilding is another powerful SEO strategy which has its own merits and loose ends. It is not possible to detail about each in a short space on the web.